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Since 1989
Duluwon Co., Ltd. grows with its clients based on trust and cooperation
Established in 1989, Duluwon Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in health functional foods and their R&D. The company has produced over 400 ODM and OEM health functional foods for 33 years. We have also partnered with countless distributors. We will grow with our clients through cooperation while prioritizing trust.
Duluwon Co., Ltd. doesn’t just distribute products
Duluwon Co., Ltd. doesn’t just manufacture and distribute products. It also actively participates in developing products that the consumers demand. Duluwon's Bioengineering Research Center mainly develops products and key materials. The company is also making an effort to minimize nonconforming products by carrying out and supervising specialized systems such as GMP and manufacturing standards for excellent health functional foods.
Duluwon Co., Ltd. supports the success of your business
The health functional food's market size is expanding rapidly due to the growth of SNS distribution. Choosing products optimized for SNS distribution and storytelling are as important as the product’s function. We believe that it is the manufacturer’s duty to create videos or broadcast segments to enable consumers to understand the product’s qualities better.