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Duluwon Co., Ltd.
is an eco-friendly,
SNS-friendly bio-company

Modern people’s health is being threatened due to the lack of essential nutrients. Lifestyle habits like obesity caused by metabolic disorders due to high-sodium, high-sugar, and high-fat diets make it impossible for a person to be happy and healthy.
Because of this, Duluwon has endeavored to research and develop enzymes and minerals — which are the building blocks of life — essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and amino acids, and natural materials such as pine needles, propolis, and Spirulina.
Our dinner tables must be protected from harmful foods, which are getting worse every day. Duluwon is also an OEM, ODM specialist that partners with companies specializing in distribution.
Moreover, we are creating an SNS-optimized system that spreads information about our high-quality products quickly. We will utilize our 33 years' experience in manufacturing not only to produce high-quality products but also to create an SNS-optimized company for the success of our distributors.

· Client-Centered Management
Duluwon is making an effort to satisfy clients who want to live richly and happily by staying healthy. While developing the best-quality products, we will also improve tangible and intangible customer service and implement a long-term service plan for the loyal customers who love and cherish Duluwon.
· Eco-Friendly Management
Under the belief that “humans can be healthy only when nature is healthy,” Duluwon is striving to preserve nature and create a clean, comfortable environment. We will steadfastly continue to deliver the pureness of nature for our customers’ health, protect nature, and adhere to tradition.
· Future-Oriented Management
Duluwon promotes flexible, promising, and future-oriented management based on cutting-edge technology by prioritizing continuous research and development and aggressive investment in new technology. We will develop into a global enterprise that makes humanity's dream of living a healthy, happy life come true by accumulating brand assets, fortifying profitable projects, creating even more customer value, and preparing for the era of e-marketing.
Core Values
We will continue to stay humble as before.

Correct Meals

We protect our dinner tables from food that jeopardizes our health.

With Nature

We want to deliver the pureness of nature for our customers’ health.


We put our clients first for success.


We won't just settle for high-quality products but continue to reinvent ourselves.
This is the path that Duluwon Co., Ltd. has been on ever since its establishment in 1989.
  • 22Implementation of eco-friendly FSC-certified packaging
  • 22Development of bran arabinose fermentation (BAF)
  • 22Installation of charcoal, loess and far-infrared fermentation facilities
  • 21Designation as an excellent business by Eumseong-gun Office
  • 21Construction of GMP Hall 2
  • 20Selected as an export voucher company
  • 20Signed a family company agreement with Suwon Women's University
  • 18Certified by the Hi-Seoul Award, received an award from the Minister of Food and Drug Safety
  • 17Launched a K-food global brand (created Ddonggisa)
  • 12Built a fourth factory in Eumseong
  • 11Certified as an organically processed food (No. 2-8-159)
  • 07Received an award from the Minister of Health and Welfare
  • 06Designated as a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) health functional food manufacturer by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • 03Founded the Duluwon Bioengineering Research Center
  • 02Sold over 2 million bottles of Sinbaram Gijang Kelp Enzyme (by Dr. Hwang Soo-gwan)
  • 02Acquired ISO 9001 certification
  • 00Built a third factory in Eumseong / Changed the corporate body's name to Duluwon Co., Ltd.
  • 97Built a second factory in Eumseong
  • 90Built the first factory in Eumseong (566, Deokho-ro, Samseong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do Province)
  • 89Founded Donghae Kelp (founder: President Lim Byoung-bae)