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Duluwon Co., Ltd. will wholly deliver trustand excellence

Hello. I’m Song Jong-seop, the head of Duluwon Co., Ltd. It has been 33 years since Duluwon Co., Ltd., a health functional food specialist, was founded. Over the years, we have developed into an OEM, ODM specialist and company equipped with contemporary marketing capabilities with SNS, video, production, and broadcasting support. I sincerely thank all of our staff and partners.

Duluwon has been focused on correcting our meals with its Bioengineering Research Center, and it has been manufacturing and distributing over 400 products over the years. Moreover, by taking part in saving the environment and in organic farming-related efforts to save the earth, we have developed nutrients that our meals lack and fostered enzyme and fermentation-related industries that help promote metabolism. Duluwon will continue to protect our dinner tables and make an effort to deliver accurately and quickly the true stories of our products to our consumers. Thank you.